Ultem Pen


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First launch of a full sized fountain pen from Schon DSGN. I say full sized since it fits not just cartridges that fit in this pen but a converter as well. I personally love small pens so this was a design exercise out of my comfort zone. This pen uses a Schmidt K5 converter and houses a Jowo #6 nib. It was also designed to be a compact pen as that is my style.

It is jam packed with O-rings in the section to create a strong pen for eyedropper use ( no converter, filling the full body with ink). I will post a video about best practices for eye-dropping this pen in the future. 

The material is Ultem aka PEI (Polyetherimide) and is able to be machined thinner than most acrylic pens and yet will be stronger than acrylic to resist accidental drops or mishaps.  

Due to the nature of plastics and the "creep" phenomenon the cap should be turned till snug but not TIGHT as that will cause deformation over time. The o-rings will keep the pen sealed so excessive tightening of the section to body and cap to body is not necessary. 

Capped length-128.5mm(5.06”)
Uncapped length - 123mm(4.85”)
Grip diameter min- 10.2mm (.40”)
Grip diameter max - 11.2mm (.44”)
Body diameter is 13.5mm (.530”)
Weight- 1/2 oz or ~ 14grams


What chemicals can I use to clean this pen? Soap and water, Alcohol is fine on this material for deep cleaning. 

What chemicals should I not use? Windex. Ammonia based chemistry, It has been brought to my attention that some pen flush has ammonia, use that only on the nib/feed. It is easy to unscrew the nib unit and do that, if you need help ill make you a video to show you how.

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