D1 Refill Adapter


The D1 adapter allows you to replace the stock Fisher Space pen cartridge in your Schon DSGN pen with any D1 size refill, giving you access to many different gel, fine point and roller-ball ink cartridges.

After testing numerous different D1 inks, I recommend the Ohto needlepoint inserts, sold separately in the Schon DSGN store for your convenience.

The 2017 version of this adapter has a set screw in the back of the adapter that allows for fine adjustment of the tip position. With great power comes great responsibility... do not extend the tip so far that it contacts the inside of the cap. Please secure the cap slowly after adjustment to ensure that the ink is clear and can close without contact between the ink and inner cap. 

The adapters are on their second iteration right now. This iteration is still in beta testing. If you have issues, let me know and we can work through them! Your feedback will make the next version better. I am happy to swap out an adapter than you are not happy with for a future version. Version 3 to be out June 2017

 Yes. These are compatible with the new Clip Pen!