D1 Refills in Gel and Needlepoint


After much feedback from existing Schon DSGN customers I have decided to design and manufacture an adapter for the Schon DSGN pen that allows it to be used with D1 sized ink refill cartridges. Once you purchase the adapter (sold separately), you can try out any D1 ink refill you like. 

Below are 4 options from Zebra and Ohto that I found to be excellent choices for those wanting either finer lines or gel. The Zebra inks run fast like a gel pen, while the Ohto is very good for sketching due its slower running ink but versatility of line weights under different pressures. All 4 options are quite fine lines, so I made a quick comparison writing sample for reference. The Ohto inks are my favorite so far, due to their smoothness, fine line weight and affordability vs the Zebra gels.