Black Faceted Anodized Aluminum "Pocket Six"


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  • The "Pocket Six" is the first fountain pen offering from Schon DSGN. A compact cartridge fountain pen, it is designed for everyday use. Like the Classic Schon DSGN pens, these pens are compact when capped but offer a nice full sized fountain pen experience when the cap is posted on the back of the pen. The name "Pocket Six" comes from the fact that this pocket pen houses a #6 sized nib, which is a full sized nib, rather than the smaller #5 commonly found in pocket size fountain pens.

     Due to the nature of the crisp facets, these pens will start to develop some wear around the pen if it is carried outside of a pen case. I think this is going to be stunning and is not a bad thing, but if you like a uniform look without any patina or changes on the surface, carry it in a pen sleeve and you will be good to go! :) 


  • Nibs!

    Each pen comes with a #6 Jowo nib. These nib units can unscrew and be swapped for another Jowo #6 nib. Please be careful and leave this process to a nib smith if you are uncomfortable with it. Bock grip sections are available in the "spare parts" section of the site, but I no longer offer Bock nibs. 

    Rollerball grip sections and tips are available if you want the pocket six but in a rollerball style. They are available separately as well, here! 

    Pens use standard short international cartridges regardless of if they are fountain or rollerball. Each pen comes with one box of cartridges: three black, one blue, and two empty (for syringe filling) cartridges.

    Each material has a different weight and feel:
    Black or Multi-Color Anodized Aluminum Pens- 0.50oz 
    Polished Brass Pen -1.40oz 

    The pen is ½ an inch (12.7mm) in diameter and 3.55” (90.2mm) long when capped. When the cap is posted on the back it is a full 5.2” (132mm) long. 

    The pens are machined in my Philadelphia workshop and the nibs are from Germany.  The Bodies, Cap and Sections are 100% made in the USA. 


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